Welcome to NRC Wood Creations!  NRC are the initials of Norm R Cowling the creative woods craftsman behind these wonderful wooden creations.  As you will see on his products page,  Norm designs and produces a number of different wooden decor items; wooden turned bowls that may or may not be splatted or have a burl, bowls that are made from segments of wood, bowls that still have the bark edge or live edge as well as cutting boards, pizza boards, games, pens, etc.  

If you are wondering where you can find NRC Wood Creations, Norm works with Jenni Smith for all retail and wholesale sales.  To contact Jenni please reach out here.


Welcome to my site which lets you sample just a little of what I do.   My items are at MacRostie Art Center in Grand Rapids, MN.  Wings & Willows Frame Shop in Grand Rapids, MN.  As well as Northern Comfort Company in Cook, MN.  If you want to buy my items wholesale for your shop, please get in touch with my manager via the contact button.

Meet Norm Cowling

Meet Norm,  the creator behind the wooden creations.

NRC working on smoothing out a segmented wood turned bowl

Norm has always loved building different things from various pieces of wood.  When he was about 5 years old, his mother would give him the wooden boxes that fruit would come in.  He’d take these wood crates and construct something new from them.

At age 18 he started working in construction where he learned a lot about carpentry and honed his skills working with wood.

Norm is now retired from traditional work, living in Hibbing, Minnesota the northern area of the state where you can find him golfing if not in his workshop.


Have you ever played Yahoo?  How about Farkle?  Both involve dice and I make both games.

How about Bark Bowls or Live Edge Bowls?  You never know what the edge of a tree will look like once made into a bowl.  These work as great gifts to give the men your life.  My customers use them to empty their pockets into at the end of the day.

Cutting Boards.  The larger one is just a hair larger than a normal sheet of printer paper, while the smaller one works great as a charcuterie board for a few guests.

Pizza boards.

Spalted Serving Bowls.  Did you know spalted wood is wood that is or was decaying?  When you turn spalted wood, you stop this process as you are exposing the wood to air, the air stops the breakdown of the wood and stops the decay process from continuing.  Most of the time the fungus is no longer present by the time this wood is found.   And in the case I have, makes beautiful bowls that work well for salads, popcorn, and other drier foods/snacks.

These would be my specialty.  Segmented Wood Turned Bowls.  I use a variety of different hardwoods in these pieces.  Like all of my work, no two are alike, however, this is more true with these.  These bowls like my other bowls can be made in a variety of sizes, I get wide, but these I can make tall.  My other wood-turned bowls that are not segmented are only as tall as the tree is wide.


Thank you, for your interest in Norm Cowling and his many wonderful wooden bowl decor options, whether that be a unique salad bowl, a popcorn bowl, a snack bowl, a yarn bowl, a live edge or bark bowl, or a burl bowl.  Norm is making new wooden bowls daily.  

If you are interested in seeing Norm’s work in person you can see his work at the locations listed above in Grand Rapids & Cook, MN.  

If you are interested in purchasing retail please click on the “shop” link above.  For wholesale orders please contact Jenni here.